"I love creating stories of people's small world and connecting with it to being human." - Joel Law

Joel Law is a passionate filmmaker who loves to inspire others through cinematic documentary style content. In pursuit of his passion he is a capable producer, camera operator, and video editor.

Joel grew up in beautiful Canada's west coast of British Columbia and as a native of Vancouver enjoys snowboarding in its various mountains, rock-climbing its highest heights, and outrunning many people while play ultimate frisbee.

Foremost, Joel started his passion to create content through photography studio and the wedding industry. Thereafter showing his technical skills and style, after graduating through British Columbia Institute of Technology with distinction and recognition with the Luke Fahrmann Memorial Award.

Joel continues to upkeep both his photography and filmmaker skills today. Connecting with many in the community, such as helping out with Help Portrait Vancouver 2017. Working with various companies, such as Basetwo Media and Georgia Street Media, and clients like Lululemon.

If you like to collaborate or work with Joel contact him by email: joelchlaw@gmail.com

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To get a quote for a project, consultation, or say hi, please contact me directly via e-mail at joelchlaw@gmail.com or by the contact form below. I can be booked on a freelance basis for narrative or commercial content of all sorts. Rates for services are dependent on your specific needs and I can generally accommodate budgets of all sorts.

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